Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Contest and Prize

Thought it not fair to have a contest and not name the prize.

The contest is to name Beaver. For the Olympics I have been knitting the pattern for the larger pictured animal. I have now reached the point where he is all sewn together and has to have a wash to shrink him. (Presently he is about 10" tall so will be a bit smaller than that when finished.) That will make him nice and soft and not show the stuffing.

I think he is coming along nicely but he definitely needs a name.

It has to be a "polite" name as my Grandchildren have been known to occasionally read my blog. It has to be a name that conjures up his history, or origins, or reason for knitting. And while the two suggested are great, I would like more options.

The prize -- how about his brother or sister. I am willing to make another one the same large size or the smaller version. Could also make a hedgehog in the colours of your choice.

The winner will be choosen after the Olympics end so you have a few days to submit your suggestions.


flit February 24, 2010 at 6:34 PM  

my hedgehog needs a friend!

A Bucky the Beaver friend

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