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Day 6 - Strasburg, May 14

Morning view.
I very much appreciate this use of the riverbank.

I got changed to the easy group but Andrea had to stay in a different group.  Some people she knew were in it so that helped but not so much fun without your partner there.  Our group had taxis to take us to the buses over by a hotel beside the bridge over the Rhine to Strasbourg as we had docked in Kiel, the German city.
Certainly seems strange to change countries without any guards, passports or delays.
Had a very interesting guide and trip into the city.  Saw many new buildings and sites that are very important now as Strasburg has an important role in the UI.  Sorry, no history lesson here.
Also fun to see a long street with stork nests on the top of every tree and each nest occupied.  If you want the stork to leave a boy baby you leave one piece of sugar out and two pieces for a girl baby.
Driving into the main part of town.
 Approaching the main square.  Our bus was allowed to go to the end of one of  the bridges leading into the main city centre and we just had to walk a few blocks through a neighborhood like this.  There were a lot of hotels, cafes and gift shops near the main square.

And then you approach the cathedral - Notre Dame de Strasburg.
You have to have a rose window like the one in Paris.
 And the tall spire.

 But this one only has the one because the two architects each died before the building was completed.  Being on an island, the soil was not very contusive to a heavy building so they must continually monitor it to ensure it is not sinking and that it remains level. 

And a sign of modern times and concerns.  They did disappear before the Ascension Day church service started.

A series of statutes on the front that I enjoyed.  The foolish young man tempting the women beside him who are removing their clothes and such.  The other side of the door Has Christ and the wise virgins who waited for him.

Buildings around the square and the very, very popular timbered buildings.

A very popular spot with some young families -- a two level merry-go-round in Gutenberg Square, just one block over from the Cathedral.  Apparently his type pieces had been developed in Strasburg before he moved to Mainz and printed his Bible.

 The modern and the old.  To reduce car traffic the city lengthened the time for red lights and reduced parking spaces and increased tram service and reduced the price and provided lots of bicycle parking at the small terminals.  With public transportation readily available, frequent, modest prices and accessible terminals it seems a great incentive to use it.  Not like here where we are focused on what the car drivers want.

Had plenty of time for shopping and did find some lovely things.  At least I think they are!  Bought a top for myself that Rhonda, a lady we met from just outside Calgary, really admired.  She and her husband, Bernie, are on a 5 week visit to Europe with a carry-on each.  The two women were well known on the boat for their laughter.

Pickup was at the same place by St. Nicholas church beside the bridge into that point of the city.  Some more newer and old buildings to hear about on the bus back to Kiel where our taxis were waiting for us.
One thing to be noted is that some things and preconceived notions about nationalities never change.  Strasburg is extending the tram system to join up with the system in Kiel.  The next step is to be completed in late June.  The German side is done and the French side has the materials delivered.  The French guide remarked that the French side will probably be several months past the due date.
Glad to get back "home".  Our room is the left hand one between the two red banners on the top level.
 And this was waiting for us with one on each bed.

I had had it for the day and settled onto the bed to stay.  Andrea and a waitress brought me my supper down – a twice backed potato with a slice of bacon wrapped around it and cheese in the middle and assorted toppings with a small fryer basket of onion rings.  This was from the light meal in the Aquavet Lounge upstairs.  Apparently they had a marvelous pork meal in the restaurant downstairs but I didn’t care.  Also had two desserts – a white formed pudding (Panna Cotta) served with a raspberry sauce and also a freshly made raspberry sorbet.  That made up for the smallish meal.
Image result for panna cotta 

Enjoyed the television for the evening.  Mostly used for the day, time, weather and to watch the bow camera when we were moving. Have to have some news while we are away but nothing ever said about Canada, of course.  Maybe that is a good thing.  And can always knit.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 6 - Locks - May 14

When we lived in Germany it was a half-hour walk with two toddlers down to the Rhine River to watch the boats go by.  I thought then how nice it would be to if I was on one of those boats.  Well, this trip I was.
For some unknown, unexplained reason I woke from a sound sleep at just the right time to be awake while going through the lock.  And had the fun of taking pictures of the TV screen and what was going on outside our window.  It may not mean much to anyone else but I want this memory preserved here so please indulge me.  You can look and one or two pictures or skip the whole post.  Regular sight seeing things will happen in the next post.

First view was of the nuclear power plant and the next is the mile marker 388 so I could identify it later.

The next grouping of pictures shows the choices on the TV.

 Taken from the bow camera that shows on our TV screen.
 Taken out the window.

Was glad to have these moments and memories and ways of viewing it without leaving my room.  Slept quite soundly afterwards.


Day 5 - Heidelburg May 13 Part 2

When asked, both Andrea and I would choose this city as our favorite place.  There is just so much beauty and things of interest and yet it felt more open and brighter and accessible than many other cities.

 The white and light grey tiles outline a Roman Church that had been on this site but only the foundation remained and it has been honoured in this manner.
 One of the many seating areas that we found.
 City Hall.
 That blue and white in the front of the picture is my knitting bag and this is where we had lunch.
 Andrea soaking up the atmosphere while waiting for lunch.  Behind her head is the largest Christmas store.  The store sells as the small wooden ornaments that Germany is well noted for and extends forever it seems.  Did buy myself a large and small sheep there.
 The actual restaurant was in the right hand store and a lady was on the balcony above watering her flowers.  I wonder if she appreciated all the people outside her windows.
 Just loved this combination -- Apple, Starbucks and an ancient fountain back behind the buildings.
 Wouldn't you just love to wander down and explore this street?
 Have you noticed something missing in the above photos? 
There are no cars.  The shopping street is the largest in Germany with no cars allowed.  Buses do cut through the square where we ate but that was it.  There was even very few bicycles which surprised me.

And the last picture shows that I have been getting something done on my shawl.  Actually the pattern calls for a certain sequence of patterns and then they are all repeated once more.  In this picture I have just started the repeat.


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