Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Sleeps

I shall sleep much better tonight.

All cleared off!  And all but a few items are in my suitcase.  Haven't started my carry-on as yet just so I can collect all the things I think of as I go along.  (Just thought of my case for electronic cords and such so must hunt that down.)  And haven't packed my knitting yet although I have chosen it.  Have to make sure the yarn matches what is required for the pattern and then wind it into balls.  Do that with my swift set up on my bed so had to get it cleared first.  Great incentive.

Work to the point where I am not stressing it.  Nice change from last night.  Just basically do payroll and whatever comes in tomorrow.  Sign made for the door and info for Board Meeting and place to record payments all organized.

Now for an early night and quiet morning.  Had the fire alarm testing today so constant noise from 8:30 on.  Thank goodness I had swimming and could go out at 10. Nite.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Four Sleeps

And only two more days of work but can find enough things to do for 6 or 8 days.  In that way I am already on holidays -- wanting to not do much.  But did get a lot done today and what doesn't get done will wait for me to be back.

Slight infection so to the Doctor's today.  They fitted me in so I could have a test and get a prescription.  Feel a lot better about getting it looked after.  And no problem when I called the Insurance Company so that made me feel even better.

Doing hand wash and loading up the dishwasher and emptying out the frig.  Nice fun evening!  NOT but it has to be done.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Five Sleeps

Had a lovely breakfast brunch and drive around.  Sure nice with the weather warm and sunny.

Short stop to get last few things I wanted.  Going to repot some plants so they look pretty when I get home.  I know they don't show as they are still in the bags.  I have a very good reason for that.

 I got 4 loads of wash done this afternoon AND 4 hours of work at work.  Would so love to leave my desk entirely clear when I leave.  Had hoped to get the cash deposit done but some things not here so will have to do it tomorrow.
Now to fold clothes and get them put away.  May have one small load to do before I go but all the bedding and such has been done.  Can count on clean clothes waiting for when I get home.
Maybe tomorrow I will take time to make a list of all the things left to do and what I need to have sorted around.  Then again maybe I won't and save myself some stress.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Six sleeps

Was out a bit this morning to get some groceries and take Harry shopping.  Came home and was all set to do the large pile of laundry I have but thought I would lay down for a few minutes.  Several hours later I was awake but not moving fast enough to get laundry done so it can wait.  Doing some tidying up in the house so I feel comfortable coming back in.  Somehow I don't expect the "Organizational Fairy" to appear and do it while I am gone.

Thought I could start today and give our itinerary.  So you can look at the calendar and know where we are -- or should be, at least.

Thursday -- May 7 -- first day off work, I hope.  All the work has to be done first.
Friday -- May 8 -- leave in the evening on KLM
Saturday -- May 9 -- Amsterdam
Sunday -- May 10 --  Kinderdijk (windmills)
Monday -- May 11 --  Cologne, Germany
Tuesday -- May 12 --  Koblenz, Middle Rhine & Rudesheim
Wednesday -- May 13 --  Heidelberg & Speyer
Thursday -- May 14 -- Strasbourg, France
Friday -- May 15 --  Breisach & Black Forest, Germany
Saturday -- May 16 -- Basel Switzerland
Sunday -- May 17 --  train to Karlsruhe
Monday -- May 18 --  drive around area of 4 Wing -- Baden Baden Airport
Tuesday -- May 19 --  train to Amsterdam
Wednesday -- May 20 --  Flight home
Monday -- May 25 -- back to work

Have pages and pages of info that I have printed from the internet and the booklet Viking provides so have plenty of info.  Still want a bit more before we leave.  Gathering the info is a large part of the fun for me.  Hopefully I will be able to post often as will like to have my own record.  Really don't want it all on Facebook but I am sure some will be as it will probably be much easier to get posted.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Seven Sleeps

I said a lot of decisions had been made about what to pack.

I get half of the bed as you can see.  Just have to take the time and sort the actual items I want and decide if I should take more pants than skirts.  Had all skirts but may reconsider.
And no the plaid blanket isn't coming although I might really like to have it.

And found out today my suitcase can't be used as a carry-on because the wheels put it outside the allowed limits.  Not fun! 

The one on the left is my suitcase I want to use and the one on the right is the one I use all the time for my swimming.  Left is much deeper and better pockets so it should work fine.  They do recommend packing half-and-half when two people travelling.  Just in case one suitcase goes missing.  So some of my things will be in Andrea's suitcase.  It doesn't really mean I have to put half of her things in mine, does it?
Just hope my memory improves.  Went over to the Currency Exchange to get some Euros and Swiss Francs.  Really helps is you take your Canadian money with you.  So had to come home and get my money.  Now just to decide how I am going to carry the money and sort it out from each other.  Knew there was a reason I have so many wallets and change purses.


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