Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Weekend No One Should Have

Or maybe there is one person who should have it.

In eight days near the start of August we had three breakins. Twice he came through the window and after 2 sets of bars were placed in it, he kicked the door in. A notebook computer, DVDs, cell phone, containers of change -- that sort of thing taken but no real mess or damage.

Now two weeks have passed and he has come back again and took my Son's overnight bag which had his iMac, 35mm camera he has had for 15 years after paying a lot for it, and receipts for his trip East for work. Pulled out some drawers and spread things about in the two bedrooms.

This time he kicked the bars in and now we have a piece of plywood. Have the one window and door at the very back of the house where only one neighbour can see it. And she has had her back door kicked in a few months ago and a week ago Friday he went in through patio doors at the back of her house.

If there is any Karma, maybe someday he will realize the stress and upset his actions have caused.

When my Son called one of his Sisters to talk about it he found out that a Sister, my Sister and her husband and one of my granddaughters had been spilled into the water when the pontoon boat flipped. My Favorite Dog - so handsome and so smart - was the only one to be trapped. Fitting tribute is on his blog. There is a great picture of him there and the entry before gives you some insight into the type of dog he was.

Have finished another shawl and hopefully I'll learn how to work my new camera and be able to have pictures next time I post. Have needed some time to adjust this month but also need to get more words out this weekend.

Thanks for letting me write.


flit August 30, 2010 at 11:18 AM  

I don't know if it helps anyone other than me any - but I had a thought yesterday about my poor old puppy.

He wasn't mine. Or Ross' either. He was Doris' dog and now he has gone back to be with her. We have put off and put off spreading her ashes, so they are still here... I think now I know where they belong.

Still very very sad - and things are still REALLY bad between Ross & I. But the thought that Scrooge is with his Ma helps just a little.

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