Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back Again

Left the house at quarter to one to go to work today.

Quarter to two got a phone call from my son to check when I had left. His friend and the friend's two girls had picked him up at the airport. When they got to the house a man had been in the backyard. Nothing in his hands so other than his falling into the wire fence and getting some scrapes, there was nothing they could do to stop him further. Police did come but, as usual, can't do anything because he wasn't caught in the very act nor had anything in his hands.

Anyone having fun today?

I sure am not as went to the store to get a cheap camera. Ended up paying $99.95 for a camera originally $179 (it had been returned and the box was ripped a bit). That was good but then went to the car and realized the keys were between the front seats instead of in my pocket where I thought I had put them. Thank goodness Son wasn't too far away and could drop his set off to me.

Probably shouldn't but going to start a new knitting project. Wish me luck!


flit August 6, 2011 at 11:47 AM  

For crying out loud!! You guys need a doberman. Or a pit bull. Or a gun.

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