Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Test Knitting - 2

Working away tonight on the design. Slow going as it is fine crochet cotton thread on 2 mm needles. Have to search long and hard to get any needle smaller and certainly not as a circular. Using 2 circular needles as I prefer them. Have knit 3 hours and have 10 rows done. Have to remember that this is near the centre so the rows are quite short at this point.

Did go out last night and purchased a new camera. Got the memory card and the battery into it and charged the battery. Now just need to read the manual and start taking pictures. We will have to see how long the camera stays this time. Last one stayed almost 10 months but He was in jail for 9 of them if that matters. (Must be adjusting when I can get sarcastic about the situation.)


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