Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 2 - Kinderdijk, May 10

Started a new shawl to knit on during the trip.  The name is Antarktis and it is a pattern I have had in my Ravelry library for quite a while.  The yarn is Celestial Merino Mottled by Lucy Neatby and is now discontinued so I have had it for even longer than the pattern.  But nice to work with and pattern doesn't require much concentration so I can keep my hands busy.
Day 2 was 21c, clear and mostly sunny.

Very short night as couldn't sleep much -- still making adjustments for the time change and excitement of the trip.  Finally here, on board, and we are moving.
Coffee, tea,  juice and pastries are always available outside the lounge.  Continental Breakfast available on the Aquavit Terrace and a full breakfast and buffet items available in the restaurant.  Headed for the restaurant as found we were both very hungry.  Lovely selection of items - eggs cooked to order or an omelet, bacon, sausages, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, nuts, smoked salmon, cheeses and several different type of bread and buns.
Our travels in the morning saw us going Rotterdam which was interesting.  Also starting to really notice the different bridges and ferries that we see.  Near Rotterdam is a replica of the biblical ark which some millionaire built as a tourist attraction.  Andrea has some very good pictures of it and of the giraffe at the front but I don't have her pictures (as yet!).
At 10 a.m. we arrived at Kinderdijk and met our guide James.  Very nice man who had taught special needs children for 28 years.  Fair amount of walking but worth it for the views.  Area noted for two things -- windmills --

19 in this one area out of only 28 remaining in the area.  Eight of them date from 1740 and one was reconstructed in the 1980s.

 -- and moving water by internal or shown external pumps from the polders to the river.  Very impressive engineering feat and many like James live on polders and depend on this technology to keep their habitat available.
 This is a picture of the Royal Family's summer home undergoing some restoration before they arrive shortly for a two week summer visit.
After a tour of the site and some toured a wheelhouse we headed back to the ship for our safety drill.  Getting the life jackets from under the beds was the hardest part I think.
At 1p.m. we cast off while lunch was being served.  Saw the first of livestock in the area -- some cows and then these sheep.

Also took some pictures of our room for anyone interested.
Our room from the doorway.
Our bathroom which was immediately on your right.

 In the afternoon there were several presentations and a Dutch Tea that I would have like to have gone to but took a nap instead.  Andrea says there was too much gluten in the food available and I must say I did need my sleep as only getting about 2 hours at a time.
Special dinner for a welcome but I can't find my notes.  Know it was good, looked lovely and attentively served.  Also had a good wine server who loved finding good red wines for Andrea.  Must admit to having my share of white wines as we decided to upgrade to the Silver Package which meant better wines and a better selection.

My knitting by the end of this day.


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