Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 6 - Locks - May 14

When we lived in Germany it was a half-hour walk with two toddlers down to the Rhine River to watch the boats go by.  I thought then how nice it would be to if I was on one of those boats.  Well, this trip I was.
For some unknown, unexplained reason I woke from a sound sleep at just the right time to be awake while going through the lock.  And had the fun of taking pictures of the TV screen and what was going on outside our window.  It may not mean much to anyone else but I want this memory preserved here so please indulge me.  You can look and one or two pictures or skip the whole post.  Regular sight seeing things will happen in the next post.

First view was of the nuclear power plant and the next is the mile marker 388 so I could identify it later.

The next grouping of pictures shows the choices on the TV.

 Taken from the bow camera that shows on our TV screen.
 Taken out the window.

Was glad to have these moments and memories and ways of viewing it without leaving my room.  Slept quite soundly afterwards.


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