Sunday, September 10, 2006


One day of the year I did not want child #3 born. Any guesses as to what day she chose?

Babies teeth usually come in as both bottom and then both top. Not hers - opposing bottom than top.

Tired beyond belief, she would NOT have a nap in her bed. Left alone in the bedroom after a major triumph on my side, she fell asleep - on the floor.

Deciding her trike had to be upstairs NOW so nobody could touch it, she tried carrying it up 2 flights of stairs. She now has a permanent bump in the middle of her forehead from when she fell and banged herself.

The only description of her would be that she was herself.

She has grown into an exceptional woman who has been with the same man since she was 14, is raising two lovely children, is a hard working employee in book sales, is a caring and supportive friend, is a very nice person to be with -- I could go on and on.

Have tried several times these past few days to talk on the phone with her but she has been busy with hockey (son) and friends. Will try again shortly but think the world should know about her first.

Thought DDA might appreciate this picture of her daughter all lite up special for her birthday.....

So, dear DDA, have a great day, some time for yourself, some great food cooked for you and a fantastic year ahead.


Mandy's Mom,  September 19, 2006 at 2:22 PM  

Great parents make great kids, I sure wasn't the nicest best kid out there, but my Mom did a great job teaching me how to be a great person and Mom (so Mandy tells me).
Mandy also says that I have a cute daughter (she would know!) Thanks Mom, from your youngest daughter and granddaughter. We love you.
Mandy wanted to tell you she knows how to tie her own shoes now (her Mom says she does a great job at it)

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