Monday, September 11, 2006

Fall is Here

No, I haven't seen a lot of leaves that have changed color. While the weather has cooled off a bit, there isn't that feel of autumn but I know that Fall has come.

The K-W Knitters' Fair was held on Saturday and, for me, marks the change of seasons. I had planned to post when I got home but the sensory overload did me in.

Imagine a large ballroom with 7 lengths of displays. Displays of finished items, yarn, patterns, yarn, books, yarn, notions, spinning wheels and spindles, and 1 lone booth with the loveliest sweetgrass woven baskets. The stores ranged in size and products from Herschner's to a local alpaca producer. The colors! The patterns! And the people! Focused, busy, numerous, polite and some wearing their own creations. I very much enjoy the people watching.

Had a very nice time and even won a door prize for the first time ever although I have been going for several years. The prize consists of 3 balls of Noro and the pattern for a lovely felted purse in a plastic project bag. The lady from Sheep Strings (sorry I didn't get her name) had included the brown shades as a nice neutral choice for a door prize. When I went over to thank her for donating a door prize, she asked if I wanted to change the colors. (I guess she could tell I wasn't a brown purse person since I was carrying a nice white, large lamb purse wearing a red hat.) Such nice service and when I get to Huntsville I most certainly will be stopping in. The picture of the shop alone is enough to lure me in.

Had ordered 2 balls of Noro in a color called Silver Thaw from Knitwerks so made arrangements to pick it up at the show. Sylvia has such lovely yarn on sale and in her shop that I couldn't resist. This is the first Noro I had ever bought so did well with Noro this weekend. Now to decide on a special project for the the 440 meters.

Also bought some Hand Maiden yarn that I have only fondled before. The purple and blues are the colors my ISC3 Getter says that she wants. Since I like my scarfs reversible, I think a nice 10" wide scarf using all the yarn in a fairly open lace pattern would look very nice and meet all requirements. The yarn is 55% silk and 45% Cashmere so the feel and sheen is outstanding. Made in Canada which makes it extremely nice and appropriate for a secret pal in the United States.

Since today is the 5th anniversary of THE 9-11, I am going to start working on it now. There was such an impact at that time that has never fully been resolved nor healed. I very much doubt that it will be in my lifetime. With a lot of sorrow in my heart for those who died and their families and friends who daily must face the lost, and with a growing hope for the future, maybe I can work the feelings into the scarf to make it even more special. It seems like such a small effort but the world is only going to be changed as individual members of the world make changes. Things like taking responsibility for our actions, considering other people, and acting as we want others to act does create changes. There also has to be much more than the fine promises made in the wake of and on the anniversary of tragedies like 9-11 and Katrina.

Mambocat's entry for today helped me to recall what I was doing in 2001. Now I am off to make my memories for the 5 year anniversary.


Miss Scarlett September 11, 2006 at 7:25 PM  

Flemisa! I was so happy to see your post at Deirdre's blog.
Did you know your cards only had your name on them? If there was one with your blog on it I apparently lost it. Sorry.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely gifts.
That was so sweet of you to wrap them all individually and include a card with each! That meant a lot to me.
Would you be able to give me your mailing address? I have a card to send to you.
Thank you very much.

deirdre September 13, 2006 at 5:07 AM  

Congratulations on winning a door prize! Every year I've gone I have held my breath when they read out the winners, and every year I think, oh, well, next time! Now at least I know someone who won!
So yes, remarkably small world - so nice to 'meet' you!
And isn't Miss Scarlett a gem?

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