Thursday, September 7, 2006

Red Hats

The first Wednesday of each month there are a few ladies who get together for supper out. Dressed in our finest red and purple, we enjoy the company and try restaurants we may not be too familiar with. We have also gone shopping and to the theatre. The evening out is something I really look forward to. One of the ladies turns 83 this month and one has just retired so we have different histories and backgrounds but really enjoy each others company. How nice it is to be able to celebrate just being who we are, laughing together and doing something different.

And since there were birthdays this month, there had to be gifts. Although both birthday persons enjoyed their gifts (a red pail filled with red gifts), I think I had even more fun putting it together. Shopping meant I had to visit several dollar stores to get the assortment I wanted. Maybe next year I'll look for purple items! But before then I'll have to think of something red for Christmas. Actually, that should be much easier. Now really though, what do you get an 83 year old who has 8 children and numerous grand and great-grand children and enough bead craft supplies that she figures on living to 110 to use it up? I get the fun of shopping in any event! How great is that.

Have now put my camera on the charger so will be able to use it shortly. Still have to wait for my son to connect it to the computer. Did get pictures yesterday before the battery decided it needed a rest. Had a very heavy thunderstorm with pea sized hail. For a short time there, the road in front of our house was entirely covered with water but it drained fairly quickly. Gorgeous sunny, warm day today.


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