Sunday, November 26, 2006

Best Wishes

"Finally, the increasingly weird actions of a loved one will make more sense."
My horoscope for today. Wonder if this would apply for the fact that while I was busy travelling and seeing the surgeon, my sister was getting married? She and Harry are spending 5 months in Florida this winter and, at a time when no family was visiting and/or advised, they got married. I have a sneaking suspicion that the plans were started several months ago but we haven't talked long enough last night when she told me for me to ask. Doesn't really matter anyway. They have been serious about each other for years and known each other for a lifetime almost so you certainly can't say they have rushed into it. They are old enough and trust both are in their right minds (Harry may question that for a defense in the future to get a rise out of her) that they know what they want. Both deserve the very best and I hope they will have many happy and healthy years together.

Now I will just have to remember to use her "new" name. The question now arises about a wedding gift as with 2 households and a trailer between them, I don't expect they need something for the house.

Spent today with Bev on a trip down to her hometown to take some things to a cousin. Was a sunny, clear day so lovely driving weather. Their house is right on the St. Clair River so a lovely view while visiting. Her cousin was very nice and welcoming. Nice opportunity to see Bev with family so really enjoyed the time. Having homemade chicken noodle soup and p0ppy seed cake sure didn't hurt either.

Got about an inch done on my green socks. Not much to see on the drive but haven't been that way for a couple of years so didn't knit the full time going. No knitting on the way back as it was too dark.

Good health, good wishes and good knitting


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