Sunday, January 28, 2007

Toys and See you later

Son has brought home a nice new toy. One that I have not touched yet nor do I care if I never do. One that he played with all Saturday afternoon. One that requires special care and attention and water. One that comes with a video to tell you how to use and take care of it. I must admit he certainly did enjoy his first day with it. He admits to paying a lot for it but it is his own money. He probably did pay more than I spent on yarn Saturday. (I came home with enough yarn for some baby sweaters and 8 more hedgehogs. Mostly because he reqested some so no word was said when I got home.) We will not be getting into a discussion as to which has more lasting value.

If you would like a toy like his, they are described at the following web site. Knock yourself out.

Yes, it is an iron. Doesn't every Man want one and buy the very best?
It is also recommended for sewers so will make use of it then, I guess.

I am off shortly to Cambridge to meet Mandy's Mom. Spend the night in a hotel, go to the hospital and sleep until Tuesday. Hope you keep well and will be back in a week or so.


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