Friday, January 26, 2007


Remember when you were attending the Boys and Girls Club, Jessica. Years before that my Mother had attended programs at the Club.

This picture is in the newest part as you head into the older part where the ball room is.

Nice to see her smiling face each time I go. Makes me think of them often. All good thoughts.

Had a busy day starting there on Thursday. Bus pickup at 9, Stitch and Knit and Chat, toe nails cut, bact to SKC till swimming at 11. Afterwards I had a lovely roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, mixed veg, thick rice pudding and my drink for $6.00. Bev met me for lunch and then we went shopping at various spots including Michael's where they had some lovely yarn on sale for $2 a ball instead of the usual $5 to $6. I bought the 3 I needed for some hedgehogs and that was it. Finished the afternoon with a Chiro appointment.

Trying not to start too many new projects as I would really like to get some finished off. Thought I would use up my yarn I already have for the hedgehogs but always seem to need some to finish them. Will get to the point where the yarn gets diverted to other projects as soon as I get my mental list completed of those I want to make one for. Right now that stands at 6. Think that 15 will be enough of them to make.

I think that I'll get lots of knitting done in the next few weeks but I can barely concentrate on writing today. Temp in the house had gone to 60F so I think I'm going back to bed until it warms up.

Don't be too surprised if I don't write again until well into February. 3 more sleeps until surgery and another 3 to 5 before I am home again and probably a few more before I want to sit up at the desktop computer where there is internet service.

Take care and enjoy life.


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