Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Am Back!

Or at least I hope I am back on a more regular basis.

Had surgery Monday, January 29, scheduled for 11:15 but taken in a bit earlier. By 10 to 1 I was wide awake in the recovery room and checking out who was also there and when it would be 1:30 and they would take me upstairs. Andrea came back around 2 and visited till around 7 so I was glad to have her company. Medicine I had had in OR made me very itchy and shakey so was very glad when that wore off.

Couldn't highly recommend all my roommates but the nurses were very nice and the food was passable. Had visitors from Coburg, Port Hope and Waterloo so did very well. Was so very glad to see everyone even if I might not have been the very best of company.

Heather came for me on the Friday so I have now been recuperating at home. Most of the time in bed but now starting to spend more and more time sitting up. Stitches came out last Friday and the oozing has stoped so I even have had a shower now. Getting to feel quite civilized. Andrea came down Monday night and we went to my eye appointment in St. Jo's Tuesday. Got feeling real tired out but held it together long enough for a lovely meal out. Did bring the dessert home to enjoy for supper and after a nap. Hope Andrea made it home before the snow storm last night as seems a fair amount of snow and it was very, very cold out. Sunny and bright just now.

Two books read, 45 puzzles in one of the puzzle books I have where you pencil in the appropriate squares to get a picture, and about an inch of knitting. Hopefully I am going to feel more like doing things very soon. Know it will be better when I get my wheels back as hate the walker you have to pick up and lift each step. Guess I really shouldn't complain as I have about 1/4 the pain as before and it is a much different type. This pain is getting less and my movements are getting more easy.

Enough sitting for just now so off to wander for a bit. Take care and hope all are healthy and warm.


flit February 14, 2007 at 6:08 PM  

AND Oshawa AND Victoria Harbour.... :P

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