Friday, February 16, 2007


Had a lovely visit with Heather on Wednesday and with Shantel and Van, her youngest, on Thursday. Both came bearing food which was greatly appreciated even though the freezer is full. Enjoyed so very much more the company. It is an incentive to stay up longer, breaks the boredom, and reminds me that there is a world going on beyond the doors. Enjoyed seeing Van review his first Valentines from pre-school. He is such a cutie!

In this weather, it is not that I want to be outside. Bright, sunny clear blue skies but don't take a real deep breath as it is freezing cold.

Spent time last night trying to think of someplace I would like to go to get out of the house and breath fresh air. Have more than enough yarn I am not using just now, more than enough books I am not reading, plenty of food and people who bring me more anytime I want, so ended up deciding that there wasn't anywhere to go just now. Hoping to go to the Boys & Girls Club next Thursday so will leave the venturing out until then. Just plan to sit with the Stitch & Knit group. Hopefully the scab will be off soon and can join the swim group soon.


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