Thursday, March 8, 2007


That is what I have been knitting this past week. Cute little pink piggies. Would show you but they are very uninteresting in the just knit stage if you don't know what they end up looking like.

Brought some pink wool home from the Boys & Girls Club last Thursday and the pattern. It is a very simple garter stitch design with one piece for the body and 2 little pieces for the ears. Got 5 done and cannot find any pink yarn in my house so I have to go shopping. The bag I brought home was the very cheapest big ball acrylic but I would dearly love to get something softer.

Have the car next week so maybe I'll just plan a shopping trip to St. Thomas to Parkspun Yarns. She carries the ends from Patons so it is still acrylic but I think it would work out even cheaper. Good excuse anyway for a "road trip".

Son drove to North Bay this week and has to go to Timmins next week for the Saturday to the following Sunday. He doesn't want to take the car up and then have to back in London on the Sunday or wherever he will have to be for the following Monday. His plan is to drive back late Friday and take the flight out on Saturday morning. The weather is to warm up this weekend so that hopefully will clear the ice in the driveway away and I'll feel more safe getting in and out of the car.

Have been swimming twice this week and finding it easier each time. Even managed to walk easily across the width of the pool twice. It is not very wide but this was really the first time I have been full weight bearing for more than the very few steps or so. Now if I could just find some comfortable positions for sleeping I would be extremely happy with life.

Have a book of toy patterns using just squares and rectangles so I think I'll start one of those now for my in-bed-knitting. I am doing an Elizabeth Zimmerman Easy Rib Warmer at my chair in the front room and a purse using modular squares at my chair in the kitchen so there is something interesting to pick up in each location and I don't have to carry things back and forth. Not the quickest way to get something finished but cuts down on the boredom.

Enjoy life.


flit March 8, 2007 at 9:24 PM  

he didn't bring me my hedgehog *POUT*

It was nice to see him - but he didn't bring my hedgehog!

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