Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day After

Really enjoyed my swim yesterday but my "new" hip was feeling a bit sore afterward. Taking the rest of yesterday and most of today as a very easy day. Just lying around and knitting and reading. I do have an invite out for supper today from my Son so I am looking forward to that. The big decision is where to go to as we both enjoy eating out and ethnic food. The fact that neither one of us wants to make the final decision does slow things down a little bit.

As to knitting, I realized I hadn't shown the pictures of some of my Christmas knitting as one person was very late getting theirs. The purses were knit using red Quebecois wool in about a DK weight. Have a front loading maching so they are not felted as well as I would like but all in all, I think they turned out well. The yarn store has discontinued carrying this yarn now so I bought quite a bit of it when it was on final sale.

However, Blogger does not want to upload my pictures so I am just going to give up for now and continue typing in the post.

Went to the Peruvian restaurant and had lovely seafood dishes. Mine was in a lemon yellow sauce beside the rice and his was a paella so the rice was mixed in the tomate based sauce. Other than him spotting more scallops in mine than his, we both very much enjoyed our meals.

Off to the Center again - sat and knit and then went in the pool for some exercises before having lunch. Was glad to get home as the weather certainly is not nice. We were having snow, rain, and freezing rain within 10 minutes of each other. The roads and sidewalks are certainly going to be very hazardous later today. Hip was feeling just a bit tender but only had 2 Tylenol just before bed.

Son called last night to say he was staying put for which I am glad. Roads are getting much worse according to the TV and can rest easier knowing he is somewhere safe.
Sister also called to let me know their phone number has changed. She is feeling down because it is the first of March and they come home on the 31st. Also having a very bad cold does not help the situation. I know she has been ill as she didn't even go through all the shops with her company but read and waited in the car or at a bench.
Mandy's Mom was suppose to come for J to get a haircut but for some funny reason she called to cancel. She doesn't have her own vehicle and listened to the weather report so I wasn't surprised to get her call.
Right now we are getting big flakes of snow from a very grey sky. The wind is really whipping the trees outside and the roads outside sound very wet when the cars go by. So nice to be indoors and warm and free to do whatever I choose. Have plenty of knitting, books and food so I should manage just fine.


flit March 3, 2007 at 8:02 PM  

oh...had forgotten about the kid's haircut... maybe that's part of why she was so gosh darned CRANKY!

not that that excuses the fact that she was so gosh darned CRANKY!

or that I am too gosh darned CRANKY to deal with her right now.

Hope you stole some of his scallops!

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