Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Port Huron

Just back from Port Huron with my Sister and a friend of hers. Had a very nice time on a very hot day.

They were shopping for sheets and visited 5 stores and Birchwood Mall. I went into 2 stores, the mall to pay my J.C.Penny account and Barnes and Noble. I had the book Charmed Knitting for Harry Potter Fans (I think that is the correct name) on order so was pleased to get it. There are several patterns that I would like to make for myself and there are several fans in the family so must remember to take it to Brampton next time. Until then I will hide the book so I don't start any more projects. Did not get too much done on the baby shawl and 2 rounds on the socks so it was not a very productive day in that sense.

Got a call from Manpower yesterday so working Friday evening and Saturday. There was also a call on the machine when I got home from them about another position so I'll have to call first thing tomorrow about that. Would really like it if that turns out.

Enjoy life.


flit May 24, 2007 at 9:32 AM  

So...when are you guys going to come up and visit Victoria Harbour?

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