Monday, May 21, 2007

Long Weekend

Just realized how long it has been since I posted so thought I would take time to update. Choice was between pulling weeds and typing so this won after a very short contemplation. The weeds will wait.

Their Father was in hospital a week and now back at home. Son had work in the area for several days so was able to see them - even met by chance at a chip wagon. I certainly wish him good health.

Son is on his way to Petawawa which should be a nice drive through Algonquin Park. We did it once when they were kids and I've often wished we had gone back.

Speaking of the garden - I've got most of my planters filled, some weeds dug from the front and side yards, and a 3 foot section of the laneway cleared and replanted. I put a walk-upon plant in a section between the front walk and laneway that looks nice even after a truck goes over it so gradually getting the stretch in the laneway between the 2 concrete sections changed over to the same plant. That is an ongoing project as it is hard to dig up the grass and I am using the plants as they spread to where I don't want them or seem to full in certain areas of the first section. The back third is all done and it looked so very nice last week when everything was the green and small yellow flowers.

Son arranged for the young fellow next door to cut the grass so that will be a big help and keep things looking better. Also want him to help me lay down some patio stones which I'll buy next weekend hopefully while Son is home.

Knitting a lot but mostly on 2 secret projects so can't give full details. Project 1 has 8 sections to it and secton 1 is almost complete with work done on 5 other sections so I am pleased with it.
Project 2 has 2 sections and a border and section 1 is complete which is really nice to see.
Shawl - center part done as it got too boring so have now started a pattern. I like the idea of it but we will see how it turns out. So far so good and have used nearly one full 100 gram ball of yarn and have another on hand so it should be a nice size when finished.
Circular baby shawl - knit last year but the yarn was not finished off as there was 2 strands for each of the 60 points (I didn't count them but there were a lot.) Now all finished, washed and folded for Son to mail. A friend he met in Army Cadets as a teenager is expecting her first grandchild this month so I believe that certainly deserves a shawl.
Piggies for Rib Fest - have made 7 and really must get more done. They are a nice easy project to carry around.
EZ vest - plain garter stitch so not much thinking. Half way up the back which is the last section so tired of it. Too big to carry and I haven't been sitting in the chair beside it very often. Not when it is nice and warm outside and I've moved the table and chairs back out.
Coat - haven't worked on it for ages but the first 3 projects take precedence just now as they have a time limit.
Socks - red socks are done so now I just have to wear them. The green socks have been restarted and need to pick out a pattern more suitable for them.
Bamboo scarf has been completed so need to decide if it should be blocked and what is to be done with it - if it is a gift or if I keep it as was intended.

Desktop computer is sick - won't go onto the internet through Explorer but does fine through MSN. Even having trouble sending my Yahoo mail but I am receiving it. Pictures here still not loading. Doesn't want to send anything to the printer but will put it in memory. Never thought but should maybe have sent it for a visit to Flit this week as have no idea when Son will do it. Funny how we get so dependent on the machine.

Well it is the long weekend so I've done a long post. The sun is shining brightly so think I better get out there and get some work done before doing some knitting.

Enjoy life.


flit May 23, 2007 at 6:02 PM  

just a reminder that I'm going to be a grandma again in August!

I still haven't got my hedgehog POUT!

flit May 25, 2007 at 7:53 PM  

He came today and he's very cute... thank you!

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