Saturday, September 1, 2007


This weekend is a big celebration at my eldest nephew's cottage with a lot of family and friends. His wife had a milestone birthday last week and his mother (my Sis) now officially gets paid by the government. Since I have been working I didn't head out but have been working on projects for them. Would gladly show them off but Blogger still won't let me attach a picture.

Didn't want to mail a hat and think it is a very personal thing and also like the Shawl Prayer Ministry of knitting something with prayers and best wishes included in each stitch so knit a lovely red shawl. Just love the beads on each of the 6 points.

Sis is getting 65 squares in shades of blue sewn into an afghan or coat -- she gets to decide. Hope she decides soon so I can get working on the remaining few birthday squares and the filler squares. Got the rest of the yarn today.

The baby shawl recipient has arrived -- Coltan. He arrived Thursday night weighing in at 9lb 5. Received a lovely picture of him tonight where he is sound asleep - guess he is resting up before facing a 14month old big brother. His mother is step-daughter for my eldest. I think I’ve only met her once but I knit for them so I consider them family. He will be getting a shawl and sweater and brother Hunter gets a hedgehog in Toronto Maple Leaf colours.

Sept 22 - just realized this was still sitting in my Draft folder so going to post it now anyway. Guess I should work at this more often!

Enjoy life. Hope you have plenty to celebrate.


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