Sunday, September 9, 2007

Knitters' Fair 2007

Need I say much more? Excellent time to see a large number of shops and knitters. Get lots of cards so I can visit some throughout the year.

Thought I would buy one book but ended up with 5 -- Artic Lace being one as I looked at it again and was so interested in the history behind it and the patterns she gives. Even if I never knit with quivit I am enjoying the story behind it.

One shawl pattern -- of a dragon which I had seen on a blog but hadn't gotten around to ordering it yet. Once I saw the shawl I knew that it would be one I knit. Maybe I'll do it in red.

Went to knit the centre block of my Sis's afghan and found the yarn I had been saving for it had a great deal of purple in it. Wasn't sure there was enough of the dark to light blue I thought made up all of it so had to go looking for more. It was really hard! Most had purple or greys in the mix. Since all the other yarns were a solid colour I wanted the one to be a mix of all or most of the colours used. Bought one I though ideal but turned out to be too greyed and dark but it is a sock yarn so certainly can use it. In outside light it is a lot of denim colours. On the 3rd trip to GoodBuys I finally found the ideal blue but it came in a package of 6 balls. Didn't care at this point as it looked good and I had had it. Turns out it still looks good in the daylight too so looking forward to using it. And was the correct weight of yarn.

Did find a new yarn called Cashwool, 100% extra fine merinos, made in Italy by Zegna Baruffa. In lace weight with 100g and 1350m (3.50 oz & 1460 yds) for $20.00. Wasn't sure what yardage I needed for some heirloom shawls to make for the grandchildren so ended up buying 4 skeins. Isn't the rule of thumb that if in doubt about the yardage, buy more?

After all the walking yesterday and rain today, I am somewhat stiff so off to lay down, watch sports and knit. Flit is going to look to fix my pictures soon so hopefully I will have them soon and I can show off the purchases and knitting.

Enjoy life.

**** testing **** (this is flit; just mucking about to see what's up re: pictures)
This is one of the pictures Ross took in Nunavut last month (modified at Flickr)


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