Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working Again

Well actually, I guess it should be "working still" but next week I will be switching from Manpower to MCC133. 4th time in 5 jobs Manpower have sent me to that I have been hired from them. Really appreciate where they have sent me. Only downside on this new job is that the Chairperson of the Board has decided to move back to Australia. He is nice and also appreciative of the work done. As Chairperson, he sets the tone of the Board. I also like the rest of the persons on the Board so hopefully it won't mean too much upset to me.

Get to start rearranging the Superintendent's office as mine is all done. He has no window in his cubbyhole so for some funny reason, he doesn't spend much time in it. Has plenty around the building to keep him busy and can always come visit in my office.

Have the centre of the afghan done -- almost. Thought it was big enough but only 58 cm when I started to take it off tne needles so I am going to work a band of the dark blue around it. I think it will frame it very well and set apart the other blocks. Also laid out"our family" blocks on a piece of dark blue material so I have a better idea of how they are going to look. Hopefully will get some of the fill-in blocks done and start stitching them together this weekend.

Have a new toy to distract me. Went to Brampton last weekend and tried Mandy's Nintendo DS. Was not impressed with how well I did so went out and bought myself one. Also got the two Brain Training games and Brain Age and Picpuzzle (graphs with numbers across the top and one side which you use to fill in the squares to create a picture.) Have been having great fun doing it and hopefully will see some improvement in my performances. Heather and Sis also enjoyed it the other night when we got together for supper. Left it at work one night and was very upset but not enough to go back for it.

Son home from Ottawa and off to Milton today. Has a wedding and birthday on Sunday and working in Hamilton area next week so doubt I'll see much of him.

Well off to see the ball game and knit some more. Break is over.

Enjoy life.


Anonymous,  September 25, 2007 at 7:58 PM  

Glad to hear that you bought one and are enjoying it. See you soon

flit September 27, 2007 at 10:34 PM  

hi.... just stopped by to read.... should be in bed... or failing that, should be working on my ML paper.... but oh well.

survived another week...and you should SEE the letter of reference I got from Bruce...! I am such a star.... LOL

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