Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Had great plans for the day that included taking pictures (camera is missing from the desk), pulling weeds (not in the rain), and moving some things (not with the backache aggravated from the damp).

So I headed to a local market instead. The main floor is the usual indoor market produce, butchers, bakers, tea and coffee, flowers and music. Upstairs is the crafts, books, handmade furniture and such. Had a quick look around but didn't buy anything upstairs.

Downstairs I bought some sweet cherry tomatoes fresh from an area just west of us but more south. Also bought some organic wood fire cooked pumpkin bread. Had tried another type but this interested me with the seeds on the sides and such.

Purchased some Physalis Columbian Golden Berry and for them I wish I had my camera. Have to settle for a picture from Wikipedia. They look like little chinese lanterns and have what looks like a small yellowish cherry tomato inside. It is sweet but also has a sharp tasting element to it. (My guess was good -- checked out Wikipedia )

For lunch I had some Momos from Nepal. They are meat filled, steamed dumplings that are absolutely delicious! I'm not much for cooking so I guess I will just have to visit him on Saturdays. $5.00 for 8 Momos so the price is entirely reasonable. He also had Nepali tea but had just run out before I got there. Since it was so late in the day I said I'd wait for my next visit to try it.

And I passed by the Apple Fritter stall without even a taste test! When we go to the market in St. Jacob's, the main reason is for the apple fritters. One is not enough but 6 is too many and they don't keep well so when I pass them up, it is worth noting.

Fringe Festival starts today here and I wasn't aware of it. Off to read the paper and see if there is anything that interests me in case it clears up.

Enjoy life.


flit June 20, 2009 at 2:34 PM  

it's raining in the Kawarthas too ... Ross & I went to the farmer's market in Peterborough and then headed up to a friend's cottage... it's very nice, but would be even nicer if it would stop raining!

I'm sitting outside in the bugproof gazebo - the guys are inside cooking dinner (and drinking beer, of course - it is required).

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