Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reading Sunday

Seems like months since I have had one of these. A very quiet, warm, non-demanding day that has been passed quite happily in reading.

Have finished the book "The Help" which seems to be getting a lot of publicity these days and well it should. Written in the voice of both white and black women, it is about a time in the history of Louisiana that seems so far away and like yesterday. If you remember what you were doing when you heard Kennedy was shot, you will relate to this book. Some sections made me cry, some laugh, and many made me exam my own thoughts and reactions to the events.

Read the book "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty which will be published by Penguin. It is marvelous and raises an interesting question as to what would happen if you had a fall and forgot the last 10 years. Alice was expecting her first child at the time of her last memory and was very much in love with her husband. They were fixing up their large old home and starting a new life together. When she wakes up it is to a totally different life with 3 children and divorcing. Read it straight through without even turning the TV or music on Come to think of it, I didn't even get some munchies or drinks.

Have read one chapter of "Remedies" by Kate Ledger. It is due out the end of August. Think it may be a mistake reading it just now because it is much the same as the other two -- an examination of what has led up to the present situation -- although it is written from the man's point of view. Not feeling very sympathetic so may look for another book and return to it later.

However, first there is going to be some food and drink.


flit June 23, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

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