Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Baby Shawl - Update 1

Internet working! Yah! Didn't think I could get excited about it working at home because by the time I finish work I am not really that interested in anything on the computer beyond some mindless games. But I have pictures to show and Ravelry to update and by myself this week so wanted to do some entries. But the computer is back in service tonight.

Wasn't fun trying to follow the book's printed chart so have started my own. Mine is the top one and has more details and lines between the rows of instructions and the stitches. And just wait till you see their chart up further which is underneath my chart in the picture!
Not sure my chart would be good enough for someone else to follow but I am finding it much easier. Know that certain stitches have to line up with certain ones below so I can adjust the knitting when and where needed. Have 64 lines charted so that should keep me knitting for a few days. (Every other row is a plain knit so 64 lines of chart translates to 128 rows of knitting - and every other row is usually more stitches.)

Decided I didn't like the size the shawl was working up to and the way the centre cast on stitches were looking. Did it the way the book said but I only use patterns as a starting point and adjust as I want.

Having said that -- the following is the 15 rows I had done. Yes, it is off the needle because the next step was to rip it out. The pink line (not too clear but just inside the outer edge of the knitting) is some sock yarn I put in as I was sure of the pattern to that point and, if required, I could just pull back to that point if I made a mistake in the rows following before I put another lifeline in. But this time, every stitch went.

Did some knitting last night and have 24 rows done. Changed the needle size, cast on and first few rows so I am much happier with the result.

No knitting tonight as there is some tidying up I want to do and things to get ready for tomorrow. At lunch hour I met my Sister, 2 of her granddaughters (1 going to the local University this year and the other one coming next year), 1 fiance for the younger one, and Sis' eldest stepdaughter. Had a nice meal at the Mandarin and they invited me to go to Port Huron with them tomorrow. Worked hard all afternoon and got my work done so I could take the time off (this and next week are my busy weeks in the month) and now they are not going as the student can move into her apartment tomorrow. Guess it will take all day but at least I didn't get asked to help. So I am going to Toronto to a couple of museums after picking up the youngest granddaughter from her Mother's work. Looking forward to a great day. Even if I miss Knitting Club tomorrow night I get to see 2 exhibits I want -- or at least one of them for sure. We will see how it goes.

I am going to enjoy tomorrow and hope you have a great day also.


flit August 30, 2009 at 6:39 PM  

We're on for Sept 6 from about 2 p.m. for our Open House - hope to see you there.

And the babies are coming, too!

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