Monday, August 31, 2009

Museum Trip

Had a phone call just before I left and thought that my plans for the day would be changed again. But it was just a minor change as my granddaughter AJ had a dentist appointment. Ended up picking her up after the appointment instead of in Toronto.

Didn't get lost and found the parking lot just beside the museum that I wanted to use. There was one area with no cars in it so I had a nice clear area. Ensures I can open the door was wide as I need for getting in and out.

Had a brief talk with AJ about the changes that have given different opportunities than what I had as a child and how Judy Chicago was one of the people who used art to make people think about the roles of individuals.

Since AJ likes crafts, she was able to identify some stitches in the work and appreciate the work required, the colours used, and the details.
Had some time in another area that had some kimonos which interested her as her cousin Jess is very interested in Japanese things.
Also spent some time in the workroom where there are hands on stations for weaving, spinning, knitting, etc.
Had a visit in the shop and we both came home with books. I got one on The Dinner Party (half price hard cover with 25% off). AJ got a book for designing things for some paper dolls which pleased her. They had two nice ones in stock.

Also bought her the book
Girls Hold Up This World, by Jada Plinket Smith. Hope it will remind her about the morning and what we saw.

Then off for lunch at a nearby food court. She choose McDonalds and I had Thai food. Next stop was the Art Gallery Of Ontario (AGO). I haven't been for years and it recently reopened after a major addition. Lucky me - the exhibit on Surrelism was held over. After going to the Salvador Dali museum in February, it was great to see more of his work in the context of other leaders in the movement.

After wandering most of the halls, we were more than done with looking at things and with walking. The Food Court is in the building beside the AGO so made another stop there for Baskin Robbins. Made a phone call to her Mom and they were just a few blocks away having supper so we met up at my car and I drove them back to her car.

Was so very, very pleased with the time spent with AJ. We didn't talk a lot about what we were seeing and reactions but I am sure that her Mom probably heard about it. Am so delighted that I can take her to such places and know that she is absorbing information and knows how to behave and is starting to recognize painters like the Group of Seven. (Visited the McMichael Gallery several years ago with her and her Mom. It might be that she remembers the Caesar Salad better though.) Only regret for the day was I was too tired to drive to her brother's ballgame which they won. Might have been better if I had but too late now to think about what I should have done.

AJ -- thanks for sharing the day with me and making it so great.


flit September 4, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

Sounds like a very full day

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