Saturday, January 30, 2010

Danny's Shawl - Finished

Found out a few weeks ago that the baby girl had been born before Christmas but that is all I know as yet. So a bit late but the shawl is finished and I even have pictures.

The pattern is based on one called Girasole by Jared Flood. Decided I wanted a slightly smaller shawl so after one of the larger charts, I have repeated one of the first lace charts and made the edging using that. Did a crochet cast off and it does lay nice when opened up. Sometimes the edges are so tight they curl up.

Have also finished 4 long cowls, 1 hat, 2 neckwarmers and a scarf in the past 2 months but no pictures on a card I can find just now. You will have to wait and see for them.

Long line still of WIPs (works in progress)and planned works so keeping busy.

With a weather drop to very chilly weather here, hope you are warm and enjoying today.


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