Monday, January 18, 2010

New Craft for Me - Kumihimo

Can use my yarn and crochet cotton and embroidery thread and beads and jewellery ends for it. (Gets bad when you have to start off with a disclaimer so the kids don't yell too much.) Think I have listed all the supplies required except for a basic form which cost $3.95 with a lot of plastic cord. For some strange reason the instructor did not include the basic form in the $15.00 supplies cost. Only thing I was really disappointed about. The other thing is I would have enjoyed seeing some books or received a listing of web sites to research further.

Anyway, I did a short length using a firm cord and some verigated knitting yarn during class. Other people used the same knitting yarn and different coloured firm cord which really changed the overall look and colour.

Last night I did about a 10" length using the plastic cord. Now I have something to keep my extra long shoe horn attached to my swimming bag so I don't forget it or lose it when it goes flying as it is longer than my bag.
My tension could have been more even and the colours didn't come out as I might have liked but know that I have learned something for the next try. Was very easy to learn the pattern for the flat braid.

For general interest, the briad was developed by the Japanese for use as closures, to hold their equipment as described in the Wikipedia entry. Know that one granddaughter will be very interested so may invest in the inexpensive kit for her. When she wants to use the silk threads and fancy beads and such, I will leave that up to her. I am looking forward to experimenting with the various threads I already have in the house.

Will post more pictures when I find the small camera. The large one decided to quit working even though I put new batteries in it. Near the end of several knitting projects so going to finish at least one of them off tonight.

Enjoy today.


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