Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics - Day 6

Evan Lysacek won Men's Figure Skating Gold! I am so very pleased! I liked Plushkeno but there wasn't enough emphasis on the in-between parts like footwork. Makes me smile that Elvis Stojko is saying things like the win "killed figure skating" when he had to battle the same bias when he was skating.

Canadian Patrick Chan was 5th and for a 19 year old at his first Olympics, I think he did marvelous. Especially after the year he has had with injury and his coach dropping him a month ago. More power to him and I hope he does continue to skate and improve.

And the knitting got fiddley on the shawl but finished all the easy part of Clue 6 and started Clue 7 where you pick up stitches down both sides and knit a few rows to make the overall shawl a bit bigger and, I think, put more of a finish on the shawl.We will not total up the number of stitches now on the needle but near 400 would be a good guess.

The Beaver was even more detailed working and 2 colours so put aside for "my" skating.

And that Canadian - Swiss hockey game! That was scarey but Canada won so it was also great.

Enjoy the Olympics and life.


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