Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics - Day 7

Got through work and then went to my usual knitting group. Had a great time, lots of laughs, helped someone with their knitting, saw what others were doing and picked up some tips so a very nice evening.
Except for the fact that I looked close at one area of the border and realized that it would all have to come out. Hopefully will get the stitches across the top picked up before I give up. Will definitely leave it at that point as don't want to take it out again.
Really not that many rows to do but nearly 400 stitches per row so will take me a bit of time. Will admit that I purchased another lace pattern tonight. Must get some of them done soon.
For the few that read my blog but especially for my family, please read the linked blog. The writter is the owner of my LYS. I think she puts it well as to why we knitters should have multiple WIPs.


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