Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics - Day 9

The hockey game was exciting but certainly not the result I wanted for the Canadians. Missed the other 2 games as had gone out for supper missing the first and too tired so missed the third.

Truly enjoyed the skating and so happy for Scott and Tessa! The American team also had an excellent program, skate and costumes. Wish some of the other teams and singles would learn from that fact.

Was so sorry for Joannie and her family. Most certainly hope she can have a good program which will certainly be dedicated to her Mother.

Got a lot of stitches cast off on the shawl but still have a lot more to do. And didn't even consider picking up the Beaver.

Have decided I should have a small contest to name him. I am keeping the original as he has so much of my Olympic memories wrapped up in him but will think of a prize for the winner. It has to be a polite name and I have already decided it is male so let me hear what you think.


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