Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been Busy

Had a Board meeting last week to introduce the new member, say goodbye to the retiring one, and clear some business before they take a break for the summer.

Had the usual month end work to have the bank withdraw the Pre Authorized Payments and two owners moving out. Canada Day Barbeque put on by the Social Committee so showed up for awhile. Weather has been very hot so finding it really drains me.

Did get to Knitting on Friday night and out for a few errands this Saturday but that is about it. Finished two knitting projects the past week so I have cast on three. Sounds normal to me -- and to other knitters.
The finished items are the blue shawl from the pattern Cascata intended for me once I fix the blocking for the top edge. The white is another baby's shawl in the pattern of Queen Anne's Lace by MMario. Both were very easy projects but I think a high impact for the final product.

The following is one of my new projects from a new pattern from Lucy Neatby whose work I really like! Pattern is called Bubbles and it is double knitting so you work both sides at the same time and they are different colours. Check out her pattern picture and you will get an idea of what I mean. If you look closely at the right hand picture on the needle you can make out the green and pinkish stitches alternating.

Should be a fun project. Also started another baby shawl by MMario but there is no picture in the database to show you. Very little holes so it will be a real change.

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday weekend.


flit July 6, 2010 at 5:32 PM  

Scrooge wanted me to tell you that he posted a blog for you. And a nother one for tomorrow and maybe a nother one for the day after too cuz he has gots lots of new pictures cuz Francyne broked her foot so she has been visiting with her camera.

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