Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 1 - Reno

I work at a 224 unit highrise Condominium building. Started life as a rental before they went to Condo's about 18 years ago. They did some remodelling then to help sell the units but that is about it. Have since changed the carpet on the main floor to one that looks horrid, is very dark, you can only vacuum one way and stains are very hard to get out. It is at least 8 years old so time for it to go in any event.

Must try to get some pictures but will try to describe it. Picture the lobby as a rectangle that you enter at the lower left corner of the long wall. On the short wall to your left is a large window that is NOT centered on the wall. The long wall across from you had a marble topped table designed I think for a patio with the aged green metal design for the base. Two armchairs flanked it, huge miror above with a 6 in. gold frame, 2 small pictures, 2 circular mirrors with iron work around the mirror and wall sconces. The long wall facing it was covered with smokey mirrors, gold border, and hugh prints of Monet and Georgia O'Keefe (don't you just love the harmony!). The other short wall is the elevators that are not centered to the lobby as you only see the one when you first come in.

The halls are long, dark goldie wallpaper, lights over the doors that don't provide enough light for the full floor, and narrow metal X in a rectangle as a design on the door. Sounds really stylish, doesn't it?

By 11:30 today the wallpaper, chair rails, light boxes, mirrors, pictures and most of the ceiling tiles were all gone. It was very surprising to see exactly how much could be achieved in such a short time. Only problem was that the alarms had to be turned of meaning that the 1.5 kilometers of hallways had to be walked every hour.

With the chipping of the walls to prepare for the new lights, I must admit it got very noisy and dusty this afternoon. It had started snowing and the roads were very slippery so I must admit to coming home early. Even shovelled some snow and didn't fall! (Son did fall off a high deck in B.C. where he is working this week. But at least they had much more snow.


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