Friday, July 13, 2012

Knit Night

In other words -- it is Friday night.

It has been a routine for the past few years for Bev and I to go to the Little Red Mitten for a group that gathers supposedly to knit. Must admit that there is a lot of talking and shopping that also goes on and forms a very important part of the experience.

David was out of town today but came home just before I finished work and offered the car. Emotionally I really needed the company and even got some knitting done. Straight stockinette with little shaping so ideal work.

Seemed very strange to go on my own knowing that Bev was in hospital. Did call her this afternoon. Her voice sounded raspy and sore. Turns out the hospital called her at 11:30 yesterday morning and she had the surgery at 11 p.m. No wonder she sounded shell shocked in her message yesterday as she had to be at the hospital by 1 p.m. She hadn't expected them to call so soon. They did a biopsy and she didn't know anything more when I was talking with her.

Not allowed knitting as yet as two IV in one hand but hopefully she will be doing some soon.

Also not allowed to eat or drink anything for another two days. Just looking for some light reading and I have plenty of that here.

Enjoy today - and many more.


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