Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Knitting

Bev had planned a course for Estonian Mittens. (Know there is a fancy cast on and colour work but nothing that I was interested in.) That was to be next weekend but she has decided to cancel. She will hopefully be out of hospital by then but certainly not up to doing the drive from London to St. Thomas and sitting for classes planned for two full days. And certainly not with a fresh incision to be in a group.

Saw her this afternoon for a visit. She was writing in a journal to exchange notes with her eldest great-granddaughter so I took time to see the lovely cards the three girls and their twin girl friends had sent to her and talk with the eldest Granddaughter. Bev was recently back from her third walk - once yesterday and two today and another one planned for later today. Tiring but good to see her making the effort and being able to do so much at this stage.

Apparently the tumor cannot be removed due to its location but a biopsy was taken. Intestines were moved on both sides of the abdomen - one into the gall bladder bypassing the pancreas and one into the stomach - leaving a fair size incision. She does get to wear "sleeves" on her legs that pulsate to reduce the chance of clots. All this modern technology!

Her knitting is sitting in a bag on the window sill but it isn't being moved.

 Took up a Lug enviro bag which is a nice heavy nylon that will stand up to anything and has really nice colours but this one was a light chocolate brown. It was decorated with two very cute knitting buttons courtesy of Joan at Little Red Mitten. Inside were several light mysteries, some Readers Digests, and a couple of knitting magazines I doubted I would use after purchasing them. Know she hasn't been to Chapters to get the latest British ones so felt safe in including them.

My eldest had asked that I take flowers up to her as a gift from her and her two girls. Bev does enjoy flowers and plants but wasn't too sure she would want to care for anything just now. Ended up getting her a nice dark gold container of five bamboo shoots which means good health. Also bought a pure black very soft plush dog as a gift from Aswell and Kali. Was a very big hit with Bev and her husband will also like it as he usually has a number of dogs sitting on his car dashboard.

Bev's daughter and husband came in so only stayed a few minutes longer. Was nice to see her daughter as I haven't seen her for years and it was the first time I met her husband. I had been there for about an hour which is enough this close to surgery I remember. Especially since it would be almost non-stop visitors for the day as I know the other granddaughter was planning to visit.

David had driven me to the hospital and waited around until I came out about an hour later. Certainly made it much easier than waiting for the bus and doing the transfer. Even came home with a drive through at Starbucks so really appreciate everything.

Now to spend some time cleaning and looking for my cell phone. After two weeks with out it I think it is about time I at least look for it. Will have to see the rest of the ball game also and have some knitting breaks.

Enjoy today - and wishing you many days.


Joan Janes July 15, 2012 at 7:12 AM  

Thanks for the update, Sandra.
Sounds like you really cheered her up. We have a card at the shop ready for the Wed. and Fri. knitters to sign. I hope you'll be able to take it with you on Fri.

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