Sunday, August 12, 2012


Friday noon hour I had to good fortune to have lunch with Ev.  We met while both our husbands (each named Ed) were posted in Germany.  She has two boys with a girl in the middle and I had two girls with my Son in the middle.  My youngest was about 14 months and hers was 3 or 4.  She lived in military housing and didn't travel.  We lived 13 km away "behind" the base and did a fair bit of travel and lots of short trips.  Met when I took the position of Sunday School Treasurer and she taught.  She came back to Canada a year or so before us to Camp Borden and lived in Angus.  We followed a few years later.  She was school secretary where my kids went to school and when we had our house fire we spent the first night with them.  The friendship has deepened over the years although we don't spend much time together or talking face-to-face or phoning or emails.  Somehow it continues and just keeps getting better.

Her niece was driving her to spend a weekend at a family function in Wallaceburg so kindly offered to stop for lunch.  I feel like I have made another friend because she is so nice, offering to help me move and has the life experience to connect with.  Ev forgot her jacket so meeting them again today to give it back.

Friday evening I went to the knitting group at The Little Red Mitten.  Small group out this week but one I feel very comfortable with.  The evening was full of talk, laughter, sharing and interest.  Missed several of the "regulars" but felt it was a good size for my "first" evening out.  Could take a deep breath and relax with the first knitting I have done since that night. 

Bev was suppose to have a surgery related to a feeding tube on Thursday but it was moved to Friday due to an emergency and now moved to Monday.  Sounds now like it will be a more involved surgery so hopefully there will be many prayers being offered for her and the medical team.  More cards would also be appreciated as she will definitely be in hospital a few days after surgery I would imagine.  (University Hospital, 8th Floor, A102C)  EDITED TO ADD:  Monday, August 13 is her birthday.

Do we ever know how fortunate we are with the people we meet?  I always expect to have a very small funeral as age and health become factors with my friends.  Then I see how many my Son impacted and read their Facebook messages.  We have a ripple effect that may not be seen at the time but can last a long time.  One of "my" Condo Owners came down last week and asked if Son had been in Army Cadets.  She remembered him from times around the campfire and exercises they had been on.  The fact that he was fondly remembered all this years from a summer or two as a kid was so nice to know.  And it makes me think that we have to be a positive influence as we never know how important even a few minute meeting might be.  Or when they might be the start of a long friendship.

May you brighten someone's life today and be helped by the people you come in contact with.


flit August 12, 2012 at 8:08 PM  

January = Germany, I think?

Sure hoping whatever they do this time makes all the difference for Bev and she can get home sooner rather than later.

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