Thursday, August 16, 2012


Have been having with my internet connections and Blogger and such for the last few days.  Haven't tried real hard but going to try tonight (actually Friday real early in the morning).

Bev had minor surgeries Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for some things that should have been done in two surgeries. 
Had a feeding tube in but that has now been taken out. 
Had a drainage tube put in her abdomen and that will stay for at least 4 weeks.
Had a dissapointing Birthday on the 13th what with surgery and being in hospital.
Definitely is not liking the food she has been given.  Only eating very small amounts but she is eating regular food and keeping it down.

Strong possibility that she will be home Friday around noon.  Has to see several Doctors and the dietician but really hoping that everything is arranged for Friday.  Latest hopefully is for Saturday.

Bev has been very tired the last few days and not knitting but did go outside this evening.  Happened to meet her and her husband on their way outside just as I arrived.  Such a pleasant evening even if we sat in the smoking gazebo for her husband.  The air outside and even in the lobby is much fresher and nicer than that on her floor.

So here is hoping for good news.  I have the fruit all bought as a thank-you gift for her nurses.  Or maybe it is a bribe to let her go home.  They are saying no as she is a good patient and always pleasant.  But she has had a taste of freedom and even more definite about leaving.


Tamara August 16, 2012 at 10:25 PM  

hopefully she gets sprung from the hospital soon :)

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