Friday, January 10, 2014

6 weeks

Recently the grand-niece posted a selfie on Facebook with the info that 6 weeks to due date.  Great reminder!  That is the time I have left to do the shawl.  Have 6 more rows of the main body to do.  Doesn't sound like much but I have been able to do ONLY 2 rows each night.  There is enough stitches in the "points" for another 3 rows.  After which there is the lace band around the outside edge.  As I total it up it becomes more and more daunting and I am sorry for the time lost now working on it.  Too late now to think about that and must just get busy doing it.
My other problem is that I don't want the project to end!  The yarn feels so nice working on it.  Will just have to look for some more nice yarn.  Probably will be enough left actually to make another shawl but like having a bread.  Will see.  Right now -- focus is on this project.

Pattern book and yarn is in the background of this picture.  Too busy knitting to take a picture now -- but since I have time to type this that excuse doesn't really work.  Will have to get a more recent picture.


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