Saturday, January 4, 2014

Second Project

A grand-niece and her husband are also working on their own project of a baby for mid-February.  Started a shawl ages ago but had to stop when my eyes got so bad.  Had the cateract surgery on one eye and then waited 6 weeks for the second eye.  With the difference in vision between the two eyes it made it extremely difficult to any chart reading and fine knitting.  Besides the wool has long hairy feeling (pure Alpaca) so didn't want to work with it until the eyes had healed more.  All those problems are now behind me so started back on the project today.  Didn't realize how much I still have to do and how long it takes to do a row.  Think my KAL project is going to have to wait for awhile.  Will just have to balance both if I can.
Carrying a very easy project around in my purse -- two by two ribbed hat.  It is black so need decent light but can work it well otherwise.  Also started another hat on Thursday night which takes a bit more focus at certain stages but is a nice trade off.  Nothing like having lots of things on the go.  Really have to make an effort to get something done but guess the baby shawl will count for that.
Promised some pictures:....

Same hat but it is reversible and a favorite pattern of mine.  Made several using this pattern and this one is variegated blue with black trim.  Modeled by the recipient and requestor -- youngest Dear Daughter.


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