Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby Blanket

The gifts got to the New Family on the trip to Ottawa except for the white item that shows.  That is the center of the shawl

The lace book has the pattern in it.  Don't think anyone went looking for the book so the design remains a surprise.  I'll just tell you that the pattern reflects an interest of the New Mom.



This is the shawl at the place where I had to start adding the border around it.  The coloured yarn marks each pattern repeat of the work around the edges.  Think it looks quite lovely.  There will be many hours of work for the actual edging.  Had thought of another pattern to use for the edging but decided it was way more work, not sure how to best turn the corners, and it would probably take much more yarn.  Do like the one from the actual pattern so it should work fine.

Not posting a pattern of the actual finished product until New Mom and New Dad have the shawl.  Think that is fair.


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