Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympics Day -1

Thursday - Feb. 7
Some events have started so I am starting a project for while they are on.

Finished the baby blanket.  Just have to wash it now but that will wait for the weekend.

Tonite there were 3 ladies in for knitting so I started a new project.  Using the 100% alpaca for the baby blanket with a multicoloured rayon yarn to make CW a shawl for a wedding in March.  The dress is a shade lighter than the alpaca and the other yarn will add some colour and bling to her outfit.  Can decide latter if she wants some beads or crystals for added bling to be added to the bottom edge..

Have made the pattern before so familiar with it so it should go fast.  Pattern is called "Wings of Heaven".   Looking forward to making it.



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