Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 5 - Heidelburg May 13 Part 2

When asked, both Andrea and I would choose this city as our favorite place.  There is just so much beauty and things of interest and yet it felt more open and brighter and accessible than many other cities.

 The white and light grey tiles outline a Roman Church that had been on this site but only the foundation remained and it has been honoured in this manner.
 One of the many seating areas that we found.
 City Hall.
 That blue and white in the front of the picture is my knitting bag and this is where we had lunch.
 Andrea soaking up the atmosphere while waiting for lunch.  Behind her head is the largest Christmas store.  The store sells as the small wooden ornaments that Germany is well noted for and extends forever it seems.  Did buy myself a large and small sheep there.
 The actual restaurant was in the right hand store and a lady was on the balcony above watering her flowers.  I wonder if she appreciated all the people outside her windows.
 Just loved this combination -- Apple, Starbucks and an ancient fountain back behind the buildings.
 Wouldn't you just love to wander down and explore this street?
 Have you noticed something missing in the above photos? 
There are no cars.  The shopping street is the largest in Germany with no cars allowed.  Buses do cut through the square where we ate but that was it.  There was even very few bicycles which surprised me.

And the last picture shows that I have been getting something done on my shawl.  Actually the pattern calls for a certain sequence of patterns and then they are all repeated once more.  In this picture I have just started the repeat.


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