Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 8 - Basel, Switzerland, May 16

Final breakfast on board.  I am really going to miss my omelets.  I do make them at home but they don't taste as light and creamy and rich as I have been having them.  And I certainly don't have all the extras available to go with them.  Smoked salmon for breakfast each day!

The picture on our wall from the Idi.

Taken on the last morning.  Into the last band of pattern stitches.
 View to the top right of the gang plank leaving the ship.
 View of the harbor and city while waiting for our taxi to come to take us into the city.
Last views of the Idi.

 After settling into the hotel we took a tram into the city.  Would have been smarter just to stay on the tram and took a bit of a tour but did some walking instead.

Did find a multi-story book store, A&E, and, most importantly, a Starbucks where I got a drink and we sat for a bit.  Started off and just around the corner was a "hole-in-the-wall" yarn store that was going out of business.  So of course I had to buy some things.  And didn't even take pictures of the shop or the yarn purchased.  The store was about as wide as my front hall with 8" wooden squares to hold the yarn.  Only about 6 had plain coloured sock yarn and 3 had some bright jacquard print sock yarn.  Over half of the rest was what I would consider novelty yarn and not to my interest at all.  A great deal of it is what I have seen in stores here.  But realized that is an unfair comparison as I haven't been shopping for yarn in so long that I don't know what is new here.
After a bit of a rest we headed out for some supper.  Decided that the restaurant in the hotel, on the 32nd floor, would have great views of the city and probably as high a price.  There were several places we had seen just a short block away so that is where we headed.
Andrea's supper with a large potato pancake.
 My supper.  Finally had my wiener schnitzel when we would be going back to the hotel afterwards.
 The décor in the area just to the left of where I sat.
 The outside of the hotel/restaurant where we ate.
Did a walk around the area looking for a particular tram spot but didn't find it.  Did find this which I thought would do well for Alex and Michelle's cake.  Think they should be very glad the store was closed.
Seemed so very strange not to have the subtle noises and movement of the ship but we both managed to have a good night's sleep!


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