Monday, June 1, 2015

Hotel #1 - Ramada, May 16-17

Thought it would be better to track the hotels as separate entries.

Our room on ship is shown in the Day 2 post.  After the cruise we had made arrangements to spend several days travelling on our own and Andy had the responsibility of making all the arrangements.

Our first stop in Basel was a gleaming modern building that turned out to be almost exactly halfway between downtown Basel and the train station.  A perfect location for getting to the train the next morning.

The view out our window to the left and down.  Never decided if it was a running track or around hotel or display areas for the convention centre next door.
 Looking left and up higher than the building.
 Looking more straight ahead.
 Looking slightly right.
 And further to the right.
 While standing at the window and looking slightly right.

In that area to the right where you can see a slight vertical line.  The closet door revealed a safe, small frig, clothes hangers and some shelves.

 Turned a bit more to show the area at the foot of the beds with a small table for the TV.
 A full view across the end of the room.
 While taking the picture above, immediately on my left was the door shown in the picture below.  The same blonde wood as the wall formed the frame of the sliding door and held frosted glass.
 Behind the door -- "floating" toilet and more frosted glass.
Lift your head to view the shower and a counter area across the wall behind the toilet.
 Better view of that back wall.
 And this is the area on the right for the large, deep sink and a mirror that covered most of that wall.
 But then you turn the lights on and the full beauty is revealed!!!!!

And my burning question is how would you change the lights in the floor as there was no sign of any opening or space to move the glass.  Suggestions welcome.


Kali and Aswell May 30, 2015 at 3:43 PM  

that is pretty cool.... but it would interfere with She's glow in the dark stuff. She sayed.

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