Saturday, May 2, 2015

Five Sleeps

Had a lovely breakfast brunch and drive around.  Sure nice with the weather warm and sunny.

Short stop to get last few things I wanted.  Going to repot some plants so they look pretty when I get home.  I know they don't show as they are still in the bags.  I have a very good reason for that.

 I got 4 loads of wash done this afternoon AND 4 hours of work at work.  Would so love to leave my desk entirely clear when I leave.  Had hoped to get the cash deposit done but some things not here so will have to do it tomorrow.
Now to fold clothes and get them put away.  May have one small load to do before I go but all the bedding and such has been done.  Can count on clean clothes waiting for when I get home.
Maybe tomorrow I will take time to make a list of all the things left to do and what I need to have sorted around.  Then again maybe I won't and save myself some stress.


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