Friday, May 1, 2015

Six Sleeps- May 1

Was out a bit this morning to get some groceries and take Harry shopping.  Came home and was all set to do the large pile of laundry I have but thought I would lay down for a few minutes.  Several hours later I was awake but not moving fast enough to get laundry done so it can wait.  Doing some tidying up in the house so I feel comfortable coming back in.  Somehow I don't expect the "Organizational Fairy" to appear and do it while I am gone.

Thought I could start today and give our itinerary.  So you can look at the calendar and know where we are -- or should be, at least.

Thursday -- May 7 -- first day off work, I hope.  All the work has to be done first.
Friday -- May 8 -- leave in the evening on KLM
Saturday -- May 9 -- Amsterdam
Sunday -- May 10 --  Kinderdijk (windmills)
Monday -- May 11 --  Cologne, Germany
Tuesday -- May 12 --  Koblenz, Middle Rhine & Rudesheim
Wednesday -- May 13 --  Heidelberg & Speyer
Thursday -- May 14 -- Strasbourg, France
Friday -- May 15 --  Breisach & Black Forest, Germany
Saturday -- May 16 -- Basel Switzerland
Sunday -- May 17 --  train to Karlsruhe
Monday -- May 18 --  drive around area of 4 Wing -- Baden Baden Airport
Tuesday -- May 19 --  train to Amsterdam
Wednesday -- May 20 --  Flight home
Monday -- May 25 -- back to work

Have pages and pages of info that I have printed from the internet and the booklet Viking provides so have plenty of info.  Still want a bit more before we leave.  Gathering the info is a large part of the fun for me.  Hopefully I will be able to post often as will like to have my own record.  Really don't want it all on Facebook but I am sure some will be as it will probably be much easier to get posted.


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