Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Karlsruhe Zoogarten, May 17

When we had lived in Germany, one of the things we did with young children was to go to the zoo.  I clearly remember seeing the flamingos but they had a more open enclosure and a pond.  Things have changed and yet the flowers and beauty and size and gondolas have remained.

The entrance we used is just by the red mark on the left of the picture about half way down. 

Once in the gate, immediately to the left were the flamingos.
 In the centre was this large metal representation of the world and the sun dial clock that on a certain day at a certain time, the sun casts the shadow for noon.
 To the right was a bandstand where various bands were taking their turns to play.  A small concrete type riverbed stream/fountain is what you see coming down from the bandstand area.
 The first large garden area we saw and arrows directing us into the park.

 Bust of Wilh. Lauier 870-1892 but I was unable to find anything on Google for him.  Do like the little area he has for himself.

Stork surveying the world around him.

 Felt very sorry for the polar bear up there.  There was another one down below in the previous enclosure but neither looked very happy.  We saw several animals with sores on them and the facilities do not come anywhere close to the Toronto Zoo so we concentrated mainly on the gardens.
 But have to have pictures of the penguins!

 And the houses that surround the grounds.
 The fish seemed to be doing alright.  These were concentrated under one of the bridges we walked over.
 I enjoyed the houses provided for these birds.  Didn't make note of what they were but thought they were some sort of crane.

 The kids found a way to enjoy the gardens.
 In keeping with the environmental rightness we saw everywhere, part of these roofs are gardens also.
Parts of the gondola rides that go through the park.  Andrea didn't want to do it but she did once upon a time.

 Traffic controller sitting in the booth just behind the boat.
 The café where we had some fries and a drink.  I just could not go another foot so we didn't get our meal near the music.  Was sorry about that but I had reached a wall.
 This is part of the Heckengarten shown along the top edge of the map just to the left of the red container of French fries.
 Notice the red and silver on the left of this picture --
 It is a cabinet that holds shelves of books to borrow or to leave for others.  Know some people who would love to enjoy that seat and the area for a time on a lovely day like this was.
 This is the water fountain you can just see behind the cabinet about the middle of the picture.  I loved the design of it as it just fit so well in the setting.
 Just outside this private area the sidewalk continued with a number of these trees.  I didn't note what kind they were but the trunks were certainly interesting.
 Here is a closer look at one of them.
 Another bust and plaque for Luise von Baden, recognizing her work for the Red Cross.

 Closer view of the flamingos.
And a view across their enclosure to the hotel and it's restaurant where we would eat the next day - without the music.
All in all, it was a very pleasant day with a lot of walking as is usual this trip.  There were plenty of places to sit and lots of people to watch and the weather co-operated.

Supper was in our hotel dining room in a dark room back behind the main rooms as they had a large group in that evening and so there were 3 tables sitting in our area.  I had a grilled fish and it was very good but didn't enjoy the atmosphere and the desserts we wanted weren't available so would only have the one meal there.


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