Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Basel to Karlsruhe, May 17

Got a fairly early start but wasted time looking for my regular breakfast.  Andrea did get some things from a small variety type store in the train station but certainly didn't compare to what we had both become very used to.

Loved the architect of the train stations!  Soaring windows, concrete to last for ages and lots of modern amenities.

 And lots of pigeons who have found their way in and seem very comfortable with people sharing the space with them.
Below is a view from the platform.  Must mention that on every platform we found a picture that showed how long each train was that used that platform.  The train was measured off alphabetically and so was the platform.  If you were in car 21 and that car matched letter G on the picture, you stood on the platform by G and the car pulled in right in front of you.  Seats were also assigned when you buy your ticket and fairly clearly marked.  Each car also has the LED signs to tell you where that car was going and other signs to let you know where you were, what the next stop was and how fast you were travelling.  185 km an hour was usual so it is a very fast, comfortable, clean and convenient way to travel.

 In Freiburg, Germany -- an important centre in the Black Forest area.  The picture below was taken less than 30 minutes after we left Basel 68 km away and would have been a drive of 53 minutes on the Autobahn.  The train cost is 17.50 Euro and each Euro is slightly more than $1.00 Canadian.
We had ordered our tickets online so had them with us.  The conductor comes along and wants to see the tickets and the credit card used.  He then swipes the credit card and punches our ticket and the transaction is completed.  There were two dining cars and someone coming through the train with food and newspapers.  Our train left Basel at 11:13 and arrived at 12:58.  Distance was 191 km.
When we arrived in Karlsruhe we checked into the hotel and decided to go out for the afternoon.
To the Zoo.  Details in next post so I can put in lots of very pretty pictures.


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