Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Sleeps

I shall sleep much better tonight.

All cleared off!  And all but a few items are in my suitcase.  Haven't started my carry-on as yet just so I can collect all the things I think of as I go along.  (Just thought of my case for electronic cords and such so must hunt that down.)  And haven't packed my knitting yet although I have chosen it.  Have to make sure the yarn matches what is required for the pattern and then wind it into balls.  Do that with my swift set up on my bed so had to get it cleared first.  Great incentive.

Work to the point where I am not stressing it.  Nice change from last night.  Just basically do payroll and whatever comes in tomorrow.  Sign made for the door and info for Board Meeting and place to record payments all organized.

Now for an early night and quiet morning.  Had the fire alarm testing today so constant noise from 8:30 on.  Thank goodness I had swimming and could go out at 10. Nite.


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