Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two Sleeps

Spent the morning very busy -- with computer work.

Bought myself a Surface last year and was so pleased but then never used it and never got everything the way I wanted it.  Even hid it in a safe place. 
But now it is out, set-up for Blogger, set-up for pictures, and my mail.  Now just have to get it setup for Facebook and I shall be all set.  Nice that the computers remember the passwords but hate it when I go to setup on a different computer.  Wish me luck!

Picture below is of the nice Spring day we are having as seen out my living room window.  Just for a weather comparison in the next few days.

Last day of work before holidays so guess I will get ready and head in.  This commute!  Getting there (100 steps down the hall) isn't bad but the getting ready is a real nuisance.


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